It bugs me when a blog I read regularly , one that is updated daily, goes off kilter.  I am now guilty of that.  My mind has been so overloaded that it has not had two extra words to type……..thus my MIA status of late.  Mom is doing well,  lots of things getting back on track.  Things on the horizon to be looking forward to…….vacation in Port Orchard, a wonderful writers conference in BC in October – the critters I have been fostering are doing very well………what’s not to be happy about ?  LACK OF WRITING TIME that is what !  When I got up this am, after yet another unfit sleep, I was frustrated  and very crabby about this.  I keep telling myself “take a deep breath”………..and while that does help, the other crazy stuff in my life is pounding in my head.  Breathe……….gak. 

So, I suppose that the best thing for me to do is get busy.  My body is rebelling, no doubt stress related.  Oh well, enough bitching, off to figure out what to do next !

Thunderstorms locally again, patchy clouds and rumbling in the distance….