So, the  “other ” Bird won the Belmont.  A different  son of Birdstone – named Summer Bird. While Mine That Bird put in a good performance, it wasn’t enough to win the race.  I still enjoy Calvin Borel, his first words to the microphone when asked “What happened Calvin ?” was “Nathing !”……..and explained the race.  For a man who has ridden in excess of 31,000 races, he knows of what he speaks 🙂

Mom is doing better and better, my son and I went and had dinner with her last night.  I wish I could see her every day, but 75 miles each way, 150 round trip, is costly in my Chevy pickup………grr.  I have the go ahead to do a lot of things here that will make life better for us all, and I have to stay home to do it.  So, today is spent preparing and tomorrow will be go to the dump day, and other assorted lovely things.  At least the weather is cooperating right now, no rain for a few days is the forecast.  Good.

Well, lots to do, so will get to it ! Enjoy your day !