75 miles back and forth in the rain.  Lovely.  Mom moved into the rehabilitation center yesterday.  Meds are different, and they have to get the pain control IN control.  Brutal to watch.  Losing our independence is something that we don’t think about unless it seems that it is imminent.  It can be very sudden and unexpected.  Post surgery, between surgical pain, nerves disrupted and different meds, mom is coping.  She is  a strong woman, and she (and we) will get through this.  Now if outside things, or inside ones, like my cat would let me sleep…….at 5:15 my cat was in my room meowing.  Why ?  Who knows.  Then the chase was on.  I don’t need her to wake me up.  My son was awake then as well, and wanted to get into a debate about the timing of cancelling one hosting site plan and going with a different one.  I had to tell him that I was not “up” I just was awakened and wanted to go back to sleep.  Then I decided to call the rehabilitation center and talk to mom’s nurse.  So the main switchboard sent me to of all places ICU in the main hospital……..duh.  Finally I did speak to her nurse.  He is recommending they change her pain meds to something with less of the Tylenol in it.  I think they should try the Neurontin drug for nerve pain. Hmmm. Too much Tylenol  will make our liver sick.  Don’t do that, been there, seen that, don’t go there. Liver failure is NASTY.  (Husband died of it 5 years ago)  So, today, after what sounded like inches of rainfall, I have no idea if I am going on another road trip.  I should get to town for some food for the house and son…….but I would rather stay home.  So, here at 6:15 in the morning, I wish I were sleeping.  Think I will go lie down for a bit of time……….or not.  More later.

Ha, it is later.  At 8:10, my cell phone rang.  I have kind of gotten to like the new technology.  At first, when people nearby would have their phones ring, we all had to check and see if it was “ours” or not.  Once I was at the urgent care dept with my husband.  There were long lines of chairs against the wall.  Someone’s phone rang and five of us had to check our phone.  Same US Cellular ring.  It wasn’t mine, and it was funny.  Now, we can use snippets of a favorite song, or noise or something.  Mine plays part of The Fray’s “How to Save A Life”, which was used on Grey’s Anatomy at one point.  Catchy song.  So, as I did fall back asleep, and was in the middle of a strange dream, trying to find all the cats to feed them, the phone shrills to life.  I got ahold of it, and it was Mom.  Why she gets the pleasure of calling me awake, I have no idea.  I always tell my friends, if you need me in the night, don’t hesitate to call me.  I will sound stupid for a few minutes, but I will help you with whatever you need, just bear with me until then….Agh.   So, she says they are starting her on Neurontin again.  Oh ?  Good.  I don’t know if they will d/c the other drug, but this better help.  I am staying here today, I will go with my son and have Saturday dinner with her there.  I am trying to figure out what planet I am on right now……oh well.

So, I can figure this out.  I have pages to scan and send to my friend Carol.  I have chores to do, and rain damage to discover.  Kona is fed and the chickens are in their coop bitching that they aren’t out yet.  I am cold in here for the first time in many weeks.  Might have something to do with having the window open………like my bedroom window was open as well.  Breezy, damp air. 

Hope you all enjoy your day, I am going to find my brain and get to it !