OMG I didn’t think it was possible to be this tired.  At least not without doing a marathon or something equally draining.  Stress is such a sapper of strength.  To watch my mom in such agony yesterday was beyond bad.  This was in the pre-op room.  First surgery 3 weeks ago they put in a carbon fiber cage and in a first for the surgeon, hers crushed a bit.  JUST enough to squish those nerves again, and in the way it was positioned, there was no way for her to get OFF those nerves………truly terrible to witness.  I can write this, she is in the hospital and won’t read it until next week perhaps 🙂  Today, the after effects of back surgery.  Body sore, and as of 2 pm, she is still all plugged into the various machines, but the doctor wants her to get up and walk……sure thing doc, just as soon as I am unplugged ! Poor mom.

Getting home so late, and needing things from town, I set off about 10:30 to do just that.  Finally home and if a nap was ever in order, today is the day.  Thunderstorms in the area still, poured on me twice between here and town (13 miles) dry here now.  HUGE lightning bolts a while ago.  Gives me the willies as I have seen wildfires set off by strikes.   I think the nap idea is seeping in…….may try and do just that now.

Hope the weather is nice where you are !