Today is the day they are finishing up mom’s back surgery.  All critters are in good order, Kona was here for her breakfast and I am going to take Baby Bell over to see mom.  He (yes I finally rechecked, he is a he:)) will be 6 weeks old tomorrow morning.  Where does the time go ?  Who knows, but enjoy each and every minute people !  Every second truly does count !

Hospital is 75 miles down the road (we live in the sticks) and surgery is at 3:15pm.  I will stay until she is out of recovery and in her room and connected with her nursing staff.  Last time she had a private room…now if they only had more than 4 television stations for her 🙂  Good food though.

What she is having done today is minimally invasive, vs the big surgery she had three weeks ago.  I look forward to seeing her walk comfortably.  Never take how our bodies work for granted (not granite vbg) and remember how fast things can change for each of us.  I like the phrase “yesterday is history, today is a mystery, that is why it is called the present”. 

Enjoy your day folks !