It is interesting to find how closely we are woven together.  Different locations on the planet, and we bump into someone from “home”.  We moved up here 7 years ago, and the same month the truck rental company had sent three other rigs up to the same small desert town.  Small population of regular folks.  Three prisons.  LOTS of prison workers.  No one here moved here without either family in the area or work.  No one but us it seemed. Hmmmm. 

Yesterday was the day for a few tests for mom.  So, at our local hospital, I saw a fellow (Harry) who  had become something of a friend throughout  my husband’s illness and passing.  Of course the fact that I spent more time at the hospital when my husband was there than the employees had something (all) to do with that.  This fellow is an Emergency Department nurse.  He is top notch, a smart very caring person.  Since I basically lived in the ER during the many many trips there with my husband, I knew where everything was.  Very handy, hospitals are notoriously understaffed and I saw no reason an employee should take their time getting things for my husband when I was able bodied and knew where to get or put things.  Makes sense, right ? Gave me something to do anyway.  This fellow tried to encourage me to work there after Michael died, but right then, well, I had enough of sickness and dying.  Besides which, I was busy trying not to be sick and dying myself after my aspartame toxicity lifestyle.  **Note to readers, please look into how damaging “Aspartame”  the artificial sweetener is to the body.  It nearly killed me and you need to realize how toxic it can make your body. – I encourage you to look it up.  Changing to no processed foods and no artificial sweetener saved my life literally **  Ok, back to the blogging…now, five years after my husband passed, I wish I lived closer to town, then I could do it if I wanted to.  Harry and I chatted before mom had her draw and he was just getting off his shift.  He held things together on many occasions, the ones that really come to mind  are arriving at the ER and my husband had collapsed onto the floorboards of the pickup truck.  No way could I pry him out of there, he was in agonizing pain and not quite what might be termed cooperative.  Harry came running with the wheelchair and got him up and into it and into the ER.  Another time, they were full of people, everywhere.  No gurneys available.  Same thing, agonizing pain for my husband, and he laid down on the floor in the hallway.  On a run to the lab, Harry saw him and went and got a bed from the infusion center and once again got my husband up and into it.  The whole staff there did their best to care for him, but the end result still came.  Just as a reminder folks, if you are using a chemical of any sort, follow the DIRECTIONS !!!!!!!!  Do whatever precautions the bottle says please and you won’t end up with a horrible disease.  Harry was a lifesaver for me, and we always have a great time talking when we do see each other – even if it is with gaps of 3 years then 2 years between.  The last time we talked, it was the morning after I had my emergency appendectomy.  He had seen my name on the charts for the day before (he works nights) and came to see me that night, but I was conked out.  He came back to visit that next day, and it was so nice.  An intelligent man.  What a nice thing.  It was at that point that I realized also that I weighed approximately what a Volkswagen did, and changed my diet completely.  Exercise was never the issue, it was processed foods and the fact that I can sit across the room from a plate of food and the calories are absorbed through the air – like I am a calorie absorbing human air fern.  Now, after this time, I am no longer a VW, I am on my way to being a normal for me size.  A 10/12 now, and I figure in six months I may be back to being me.  Now if I could only lose the “fat chick” in my brain………self image has always been off.  Oh well, at least now I am healthier than I had been in years.

On to happier things !  With surgery set for Monday, we are once again on the countdown.  I will have to get to town for a few things, then I can do what is needed without any thoughts of other things on my plate.

Updates.  The orphaned kitten, who I dubbed Baby Belle is now Bell.  Not imaginative, but normal for me.  The nurse cat Belle is a wonderful mom.  This next Tuesday, Bell will turn 6 weeks old.  However, since he wasn’t walking much, I first attributed that to him being fat as a toad (one kitten, big milkbar).  Sadly, that is not the case.  While healthy, he seems to have no balance.  He can hold his head up, and scramble about.  He eats, drinks, uses the cat box with no messiness.  Just can’t walk a straight line.  I have a goat like this…….the vet tells me the same thing.  Inner ear abnormality or neurologic defect.  It is normal for him, and he spends a lot of time on his side purring and playing with things.  My son looked at him and announced “we have to keep him”.  Yep.  Darling baby though……….just needs bumper pads on the sides of his enclosure.  He may well grow out of it, or not, but he will be given the time to mature and we shall see.

The kittens that were found at the campground sans mother over the weekend a week plus ago are doing well.  The nurse cat Delia is a good girl and her own baby, Zat is growing well.  I feed them a plate of canned food, soaked kibble and milk replacer two or three times a day.  Photos are a difficult thing, they are in a HUGE carrier right now, and I am planning to move them into a playpen asap.  They need much more floorspace. Then I can get some light on them and take some photos.  Kitten season is here, and I can barely stand to go to the shelter.  Many are placed in new homes, but some are not, and well, I will be finding homes for these here – I reject the idea of fostering them if they may be euthanized once arriving at the shelter.  The shelter does a good job, the whole problem is that animals must be spayed and neutered !!!!!! Please save some lives today and get that done.  If you have feral cats, you can borrow a trap and a lot of vets do the surgery for free on them.  Then you can bring them home and release them.  So then they have better quality of life, no more kittens and free rodent removal !  A great trade off for some time spent.

Lots to do today, better get started !  Enjoy !