Ok, yesterday, after a very long road trip, another xray for mom after that – we got home, I did chores and went to bed………..knowing that we would talk to the surgeons office today about “what next” for mom.  Indeed, the placement of the cage  is a marginal bit off……and her pain level is indescribable.  So, more surgery for mom on Monday.  Tomorrow before the chickens get up is blood work and an MRI.  We will get through this, so mom will be able to get back to the business of living comfortably and we will get on with life in general. That is my plan, and it WILL happen !!!!!!!  As anyone who knows me will attest, I am stubborn and we are going to make this happen. Period, end of report.

The kittens are doing well, the baby I am calling the Zat cat is doing well, and her eyes are beginning to open already.  Most amazing.  The five kittens who were abandoned are doing well too.  They get meals twice a day of canned food, soaked kibble and replacement formula along with being mothered by Delia the borrowed mom cat. 

Thunderstorms are forcast, better get outside and feed and do chores before we see some weather I think.

Quail calling outside 🙂