Nothing like taking my 2 week post back surgery mom for her checkup – to a different office, adding 30 miles to the 75 we were already slated to go.  Gak. The joys of living in the sticks.  Never again.  Poor mom. Good thing the confirmation call said WHERE it was to be………to miss this appointment after going all that way would have been terrible.  While things went well at first, there apparently needs to be a bit more the doctor will need to do.  We find out about that today.  After the surgery was completed, he did tell me that he might have to do a bit of a “tune up” for her if she was still having any problems…….and that she won’t have to wait long to do it.  Nerve pain is terrible, I really don’t know how anyone can compare pain levels, unless of course they had everything known to humans happen to that one person………then wouldn’t they get used to some of it ?  Beats me, and right now, I just want my mom to be feeling better and get healed and on the road to a better lifestyle. 

So, if in your busy day you can take a moment to say a word for my mom, jingle, pray or just good thoughts, we appreciate it 🙂

Enjoy your day, updates on kittens and the Zat cat tomorrow !