Memorial day has a bigger meaning since all the wars of late.  So many lives lost on both sides.  Heartbreaking entirely.  The photos of those left behind, and on the same level of tragic note are those injured in the wars.  With the roadside bombs accelerating the incidences of traumatic brain injury, this war is like none before it.  I still think going back to hand to hand combat only would make those in charge THINK about what happens to those on the front lines fighting for our country.  I thank each veteran from the bottom of my heart for taking up the cause to keep us free.

When I was visiting in Pennsylvania, I was astounded to see the elaborate graveside decorations that were done.  Picnics held after the visit to the cemetery.  What a nice thing.  When I was younger, I visited the gravesite of my great grandmother and found that a peaceful thing to do.  I was happy to have been able to do it.  When my grandmother and great aunt passed they were cremated and tossed in the sea.  No marker, no place to reflect.  When my Pop passed, we knew we were moving, and chose to bring his urn with us.  Same with my husband.  Once we get moved, after my visit to the Veteran’s office, I found that we can have them buried in the Veteran’s cemetery.  I will be happy to have that done.  WalMart sells a lot of decorations, and the locals here do it up right too.  When the crosses and wreaths and ribbons and flowers are in the store under the fluorescent light they are almost gaudy.  But a year in the sun will fade them, that is why they start out so bright.  People forget, people move on.  Some traditions are worth keeping 🙂

Have a nice day today and hug the family you have !