Last night I could see the baby owl waiting in the tree ……..just sitting there, waiting for his parents to return.  Then when working on things in the house, I could hear him screeching a bit, not loud, not a raspy sound really.  Just owly sounding.  Owly ? Is that a word ? Now it is.  It has been interesting to see the owls nest here, sit on the egg and then see the baby in the nest with the parent.  Once he started going out on a limb (literally VBG) the parents leave him for a while each day it seems.  He sleeps and wakes up when he hears me come across the bridge over the creek.  He does the spinning head thing to watch me go by on my way back to the house. 

Today will be a go to town day, first time mom will go since her surgery.  Have to get x-rays for her 2 week check next week.  With Monday being a holiday, today is the day to do it.  Have a couple of other short stops, so we are going to try and not wear her out before we get to the hospital 🙂  Thank you everyone for the best wishes and prayers, she is better each day and it is such a relief to see her moving about in a more comfortable way.

I suppose I best get to chores so we can get going sooner than later !