Mom had her x-ray and walked around just fine.  I am so happy 🙂  Got home and was getting lunch ready when my friend the animal control officer called, asking if  “on top of everything else you are doing, mom, animals, son etc, do you want 5 kittens ?”  OMG.  Now, while Belle is on loan from the shelter, she is taking care of baby Belle, and doing a great job with her, and no she still is a perhaps her-perhaps a him, and no she still does not have a permanant name………..only 4 + weeks old and  nursing.  Which is why my friend called me.  Hmmmm.  After going through the “my  cats have a cold ” scare (they are all fine now, no secondary infections thank God !)  I was not happy to think about bringing in questionable new germs.  Enter foster cat Delia.  Delia I brought home when her time was up from the shelter.  She could double for my son’s cat Obsidian, but about half again as large.  Late last week, I realized that Delia was pregnant.  Oh no.  So, when I checked her at dinner time last night, she had the kittens……but three were not grown to term……. they  had color but not really hair and were born dead.  But, there is  one bigger white kitten with a big belly… problem with that one ! Knowing that Delia has milk to spare,  off I went and got the 5 kittens.  4 black and one Siamese.  The Siamese is obviously a runt, looked dehydrated.  They are not wild, they looked at me like “where’s mom ?”  Took them home, stole Delia’s blanket.  Wrapped new kittens in it with Delia’s baby………left them like that for a little while, then put Delia back in.  She walks in starts purring.  Goes to the first black kitten (these are perhaps 4 weeks old too – much different than her newborn  !!!!) and sniffs, and starts bathing the kitten.  The rest of them swarmed her, and everyone looks happy.  Delia’s kitten, a female with what I see now are Siamese points, has pale striped legs.  Zebra like.  So, I figure, if a horse is crossed with a zebra, and the resulting foal is a zorse, that this baby could be a Course or a Zat.  I opt for Zat 🙂  I am going to check on the brood again now………they all look like they have eaten, and are sacked out.  Whew, dodged the bullet once again.  While I would have handraised them if necessary, it is such a wonderful thing to have cats take care of kittens that were not born to them.  Whew again.

About time to work on feeding and chores.  Still lovely outside, warm but not hot YET.  Enjoy your Friday night !