Today becomes toilet fixing day.  I also will be returning the goslings to the wildlife rehabber to raise, she just acquired another one yesterday, so there will be four.  Good.  Geese do best in groups she says…….several years ago, mom and I accompanied her to release 3 Canada geese to the wild.  It was quite exciting, and such a good feeling to see them go on their way to have their lives as the creator intended !

Lately no time to blog or write, I check on my mom too frequently no doubt, but she is progressing.  Still terribly  bodysore though.  I know this will pass, but I hate to see her hurt.  Of course it was she who sat by the gurney almost two years ago when my appendix decided finally that it needed to get OUT.  Hard not to scream when people are nearby 🙂  I know I was sore for what seemed to be too long, so I want her to get comfortable quickly !

I think my creativity has drained out of my ears when I was asleep.  Last night I slept on and off, waking up at 1 am too hot.  Which makes no sense as the window was wide open.  Oh well.  At least the beautiful lilacs still are sending their scent into the air, and thus into the house………my son has become a lilac fan, which is nice too.  He goes to the trees every afternoon to scrutinize their blooms.  He sadly told me that they are fading.  He is right, but to be gifted this bloom this year is just so appreciated.  I have really enjoyed them, and it was worth the wait.  I just hope that wherever I am living next year has lilacs too ! Once we get the opportunity to move I am going to plant lilacs, like one of the first orders of business. 

The baby owl was in a different tree, he is growing his feather “ears” the decorative tufts of feathers on his head.  He kept looking at me as I was going about evening chores and chortling to his mom, who was on an adjacent branch.  The light had faded too much to get a clear photo of them though.   The huge magpies are bugging abuot here, bothering the starlings.  Lots of noise !  I should get busy, here is another shot of the lilacs for you to see.

Lilacs May 17, 2009

Lilacs May 17, 2009

Enjoy the day !