and Mine That Bird ran a good second, given three or four more jumps he may have caught her.  She wasn’t handling the track well, and I thought he had a shot at her……..nice to see though on all counts.  Here is Rachel galloping Friday morning at Pimlico.


Mine That Bird was Triple Crown winner material…… in a way it is too bad.  It has been 31 years since my favorite horse Affirmed won the Triple Crown (Derby, Preakness, Belmont).  My son commented to me that he has been “waiting all my life to see a horse win the Triple Crown”.  I stopped and though “what ??” OMG he is right, since he has only been here for the last 17 years…………yikes ! 

Bad news for Hollywood Park Racetrack in Inglewood California.  I spent a lot of time working there for race meets and sales.  Now it will be “developed” – like there isn’t a racetrack there now ???? into – get this – shopping, residences and multiplex theater !  There will be 25 acres of parks, which is nothing……… besides the fact that the historic racing plant will be razed, NO ONE IS GOING TO GO TO INGLEWOOD TO SHOP YOU IDIOTS !!!  What is in Inglewood you ask ?  Well, for one thing, masses of houses, a lot of gang activity and smog galore.  OMG what stupid people.  No one is going to go to Inglewood to shop !  Hollywood Park, and the Forum next door are the only draws !  People can shop anywhere !  Now they will have to dig up a number of horses buried there and move them to ……….where ?  I think the families of all connected to those horses of yore are long buried themselves.  I have a headache already.  Just very sad to see it come to an end.  I have not been there for 20 years, and the whole problem is that 1. racing is going down the tubes due to a lot of factors and 2. the investment company wants more return on their real estate investment.  Sad.

On that fine note, it is late and I have to run !

Happy Birthday to Susan Wiggs today !  Gorgeous photo from her beach on her blog.  Under blogroll on side, click The View From Here.

Stay cool !