As I sit here with my decaf coffee………listening to the varied sounds of our animals outside – a rooster, my goat O’Malley chatting, and an occasional horse sound……..I try to keep remembering to breathe deeply and relax.  The scent of lilacs has come inside, and today, while it has only been spring for a couple of weeks here, summer will be creeping in. May be 90 degrees here today.  Oh goodie.  Have to find the fans next.

Buttercup the sheep is calling again.  **Sighs** I need to go change into chore clothing (anything that is too big now or worn and torn is chore clothing) and get busy.  The day is over before I get to anything creative, and by dark, I am too tired to think.  I keep hoping though……………

Here is a photo I took of Kona, sitting outside the kitchen window under the lilac trees waiting for her breakfast.

Kona backlit by the early sun under the lilac trees

Kona backlit by the early sun under the lilac trees

Preakness day, safe trip to all.  Enjoy the day, whether you are resting, writing, planting or having fun with your family !