Mom owl (left) grooming soon to leave the nest baby owl

Mom owl (left) grooming soon to leave the nest baby owl

Hard to take a good photo of these two……there was one owlet, and it is just getting ready to fly.  I wonder if they will still consider this home, or will move on to an old barn or somewhere else ?  It has been fun watching the owlet grow…….

Updates, mom is doing better and better.  The bodysoreness issue is still very hard on her, but it will get better soon.  It is so amazing to see her walking on what was her numb leg, having it work just as it was intended !

Tomorrow is the Preakness Stakes to be run at Pimlico Racetrack in Baltimore Maryland.  The filly who smoked them in the Kentucky Oaks, Rachel Alexandra, won by something like 20 + lengths, was bought by Jess Jackson for ten million dollars and she now will face the boys in the 1 1/16 mile race.  She retains the services of Calvin Borel, who decided to stick with her as he has ridden her in most of her races and works her as well.  This is a case of a rider having a relationship wtih a horse, vs the ones who just walk out of the jockey’s room in the afternoon, get on, ride and get off.  Never before in history has the rider of the Derby winner taken off that mount for a different horse in the Preakness.  I back Calvin 100% though, he does what he believes in, and he is such a good guy you can’t help but want to root for him, no matter who he is riding.  If this filly runs to her ability, those boys better be on their game tomorrow, she is going to make it interesting for sure ! Mike Smith picks up the mount on Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird.  Worth watching………..  A trainer friend of mine won the Kentucky Derby and finished third in the Preakness with a filly named Winning Colors.  That was wayyy back in 1988.  It can be done, but it is not often that a filly is of the caliber of colts. Will be holding my breathe until they are all home and safe after the race. 

As an odd side note, the fellow who I blogged about that has been on that show Survivor ?  Benjamin Wade, the local guy, was voted off last night.  That makes all of perhaps a show and a half I watched.  Interesting fellow it seems, and after seeing him at Starbucks in town a couple of weeks ago, I was dropping some papers off at an office in town, and he came out of the office in that building and spoke to me and zoomed off.  I was laughing all day about that.  It is funny how he keeps popping up- especially since he has apparently lived here as long as we have and I had never seen him before. 

Off to check my friends critters and pick up a few things for us in town.