Well, mom had her back surgery on Monday.  She came home yesterday !  New procedure, and OMG am I continuing to be impressed – by mom, by what the doctor did……..everything !

I was offline while I was with her and driving all over the planet.  Yesterday was up early, chores, to town 15 miles in the other direction from the hospital, four stops there, home, change, back in truck for 75 miles to pick her up.  Which as hospitals go, was normal, took hours to find a wheelchair. Hmph.  Oh well, she is home and doing SO well!   I am so proud of her, and she is walking so much better already !  OMG !  Just amazing.

The last few days have been a blurr, and if I owe emails to anyone, I will get caught up today, at least that is what it looks like from here, right now that is.

Thank you for all the kind good thoughts, prayers and positive energy for mom during this time.  We really appreciate it, and oh yes….

 THE LILACS ARE BLOOMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Magnificent, wonderful and the fragrance even better than I remembered  !!!!!!!

Enjoy your day, I sure am !