With the horrible winds absent this morning, it leaves a lot of sounds available for hearing !  The large old trees that surround my house are filled with bird nests.  I hear cheeping in various places.  The starlings did manage to nest in my metal barn in at least one place I couldn’t reach to block off, so I am greeted each time I enter with the voices of tiny birds.  They do NOT like it when I pull the roll up door up or down……..sorry birds !  There are house sparrows in a huge nest they took over, I have to remember to get a photo of that nest, it is unbelievably huge.  The baby owl seems to be figuring out flying.  I could have sworn the nest was empty last night, but then I could hear the owls chatting this morning.  The hawks and the two Canada Geese are doing morning fly overs, and I hadn’t heard the owls warning them off for a few days.  I wonder if the owl family will stay here or go somewhere else.  They did take up residence on very short notice – I am used to them now though and it is kind of fun having them there.

The grass in the front yard is growing finally.  Of course it really is the only place it IS growing………the rest of the 7 + acres has some green, but it will soon be gone.  Oddly, I suppose because of the weather, my tulip bulbs came up, but no blooms.  Same with the daffodil.  Hmm.  Other places in the valley I see lilacs trying to bloom.  Most however don’t have the amount of blossoms that were normal for them………and they are still just sitting there, blooms set, grown somewhat, but nothing blooming.  Don’t quite know what to think.  Still hoping for blooming though.

The kitten is growing like, well a kitten does.  I dreamed that this one is the boy, that the sibling that passed a few days after I found them was the girl.   This baby is built like my boy Koa, the sibling from last year that I handraised with his brother and two sisters.  He is the strong silent type. His brother Chocolate is chatty all the time and is of medium build, although a long bodied cat.  The two girls, Obsidian is light to medium build and a smaller cat…….and my Little Girl is  a tiny cat.  Always been a tiny cat.  She moves her fingers individually.  Like reaches out for something and very deliberately takes one claw, extends it and takes whatever it is or just touches my hand.  She is the most difficult of them all, but I have never been known to like the “normal” ones of anything………I have 100+ photos on my phone, and I have to transfer them over so we can enjoy them. Soon !

Enjoy your day, looks like it may be a nice one here !