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Wind power…….why don’t we have this HERE ?

Instead of having horses in the paddock out back, I suppose we need these things.  Very green, and then we could sell the excess back to the municipal utility company, right ?  I am seriously tired of this stupid wind.  This morning it was beautiful, blue skies, white clouds.  By the time I had my coffee and went outside, the wind had started, along with the added gift of raindrops included.  Normally this would not bother me, but for another minor glitch, i.e. added work needed………my garage, which my husband built, needs to be re-roofed.   I have found that when using the roll asphalt shingle material, it basically needs to be glued down along with tacked down.  How do I know this ?  Well, because I have found strips of this stuff after storm in my paddocks in back…….like 4 feet x 20 feet of it.  It stays together pretty well while flying places I have found.  It is heavy, and once dislodged from the original site, it is not only heavy, but full of roofing nails (tacks).  Such fun !  Since the last incident, in the fall, we lost two courses of shingle material.  So, when I discovered that the roofing paper had failed and blown off as well, and the garage was leaking…. I did what anyone who knows me would expect.  I got a roll of the heaviest plastic, dragged the biggest extension ladder over got my staple tacker, extra staples and a hammer, and climbed on up.  Of course the main point here was to get the roof covered so it would not leak.  My son helped me thankfully, and we did a nice job covering it over the peak several feet, turning under the length of it twice and tacking the he%& out of it.  Every day I would go outside and check it as I went off on chores.  Yesterday was no different, looked fine.  Came home, ate and heard flapping……….which to my great joy (not) was the whole side had dried and cracked/weathered and  failed and ripped loose, sending a hundred pieces of plastic everywhere down range.  The big pieces, while still attached, I decided to leave in place overnight.  This am, no wind.  No ladder either, it is out back.  So, before I could go get it, the wind arrives again……….I did the plastic stapling thing in the wild wind before a storm once already, not doing it again.  I will pull off the plastic and put it over the stored items in the garage.  Oh brother.

The wind has not diminished, and it is about time for chores…….so  I will get to it and glare at the garage when I go past it.  WordPress thinks I need to center everything if I center a photo, and I don’t like it, so I will go back to margin on left only.  Grr.
A bit of horse racing trivia – the winner of the Kentucky Oaks, the filly’s big race was run last Friday.  The amazing  Rachael Alexandra won.  By 20 1/2 lengths she won.  Still haven’t seen the race.  Owned and trained by regular folks.  Today I was not surprised at all to see that Jess Jackson has apparently offered the owners ten million dollars for the filly.  This guy owns last years horse of the year Curlin.  I think they will sell her.  Never turn down an offer like that.  Good luck to them, and apparently the word is that if the sale goes through, she will go to a different trainer and possibly be supplemented to the Preakness for $100,000.   Yikes.  As a side note, Calvin Borel rode both the winner of the Oaks and then the Derby the next day.  Great weekend for him!
Enough for now, enjoy the rest of the day folks !