I know that there are things that trigger an uproar in my body with the rheumatoid arthritis.  Friday mom and I went to a new Mexican place and by Saturday afternoon, my arthritis was in a complete uproar.  I have broken both of my ankles in the past, and my left ankle stopped being weight bearing. Bone on bone. Not pleasant at ALL.   Limping around feeding the animals, then cooked and had a nice dinner with mom and my son.  Limping however sucked.  I asked my son if he was going to carry me home, but he declined, said he had to ride his bicycle home.  Coward !  Ha.  It was like my bones were wearing heating blankets. My ankles creaked and cracked and my hands were laughing at me…….  Makes me ill to think about it.  Being an autoimmune disease, heat is a natural part of it.  I have been fairly lucky as mostly the way it has been bothersome to me is that I have the beginnings of those knobby old looking hands.  Perturbs me to no end, but nothing to be done about it.  I know that soy is a BIG trigger, and now I am wondering if they used it in part of a thickening agent, or soy based chips or ??? No idea.  Today I am much better, yesterday was a neverending day.  My friend Carol was gone over the weekend, and her cheerful emails or comments were missed.  I hear she is home safe and sound, and for that I am very grateful.  I got a wonderful email from a friend in a far away state……..and Melissa, I have absolutely no idea about the marshmallow fluff, but I maybe don’t want to know !  There are a lot of prison employees here in the area I could ask, but I think I maybe won’t…….shall have to think on that one for a bit !

The lilacs are thinking about blooming……..they look hesitant for lack of a better word.  Not full, but at least the blooms are not black as they have been in past years after being nipped dead.

The kitten still has no real name.  Her eyes are beginning to open, she will be two weeks old tomorrow !  Most amazing.  For some cat reason, Belle, the nurse cat raising her decided to carry her in the huge pen and drop her in the cat box when I would approach.  Poor baby ! I mean the cat box is clean, but still, why drop the baby ?  I gave up at one point, and took the baby and went and sat on the couch with her cuddled on my chest. The baby peered at me and rolled on her back, waving her feet in the air.  As I rubbed her she began to purr !  At not quite two weeks, the baby is purring.  What a doll.

Just rambling this am, have a few things to do, have to get a form faxed to the VA and I am out of high octane coffee – I tell my mom that the coffee does not really need a cup, it is that bold/strong/thick 🙂  The gal who is the manager at the Starbucks in Safeway is a wonderful person, and I like to buy the coffee from her when I can.  When I was possibly going away for a weekend a while ago, she insisted on giving mom her phone numbers so if there was ANYTHING she needed, mom was to call her. Cute and much appreciated !  There are some nice people here, and it is always good to have a backup !

Red oriental poppies.  Going to plant some at mom’s soon 🙂

Enjoy the day, we are still having some rain………….