And so, you ask, what is a refreezerator ?  It my kitchen cooling storage device that replaced an even older one several years ago. It was bought as a refridgerator.  In fact I know I have the receipt for it on the side still. Going to go look and see how long it has lived with us……..brb…………ah, March of 2006.  We paid $ 125 for it.  It is an odd size in an even odder space.  This house was built in 1905.  It is my opinion that it was really only a one bedroom place, which did on occasion happen……..and that the kitchen was larger.  There is a drywalled box over the chimney in there.  Wood burning kitchen stove long ago you know.  I think they put in a wall and made my skinny bedroom out of part of the original kitchen space.  Kitchens back then did it all.  Clean chickens (and no I don’t mean wash them) prepare all manners of foodstuffs.  If a person in this rural area needed an operation and the doctor came, the kitchen table was then the OR.  People ate in there. Set bones in there.  One thing that was not in there was the icebox.  That was on the back porch.  While I have a back porch, which is divided, one side is the mudroom, the other side is the laundry room/water heater space.  When the kitchen was re-sized, there never was space allotted for the fridge.  So, doing what country folk in this place did, they framed a fridge space into the wall onto the back porch and even put moulding around it, and shoved the fridge in.  Door is in kitchen, fridge body is on porch.  Which worked fine at first, until the old fridge died. Thus the problem.  Fridge space measures 31 1/2 inches.  Fridge itself measures 31 inches.  I had the unfortunate pleasure of hip chucking the old one out of that space so this one could come in.  There is one in an outbuilding that is newer, and isn’t used for much which is idiotic, but in the last five years being me being mostly sick and only recently being able to pick up my head and look forward……..well, perhaps you get the picture on that.

So, after finishing chores, I came home to eat my late breakfast……you know, first thing coffee, then chores, then home to eat.  I cook three servings of my granola cereal with whole almonds in it and refrigerate, err refreezerate the rest of it.  I take the bowl out and plop on the nonfat yogurt.  When I go to chop up the granola, I realize the sound and feel is of frozen stuff…….The fridge has been getting progressively colder and colder the last few weeks, and while I keep turning down the gadget inside that regulates the temp, my sons full fat milk keeps freezing………which is a bummer. I don’t care if mine freezes as it only goes into my coffee……or on raisin bran and I guess the whole point is I don’t care if it has ice crystals.  My son on the other hand does.  So, I fear the life span of the refreezerator is coming to its close…….and then I will hip chuck it out and drag in the other one.  My son will be happy, as the replacement likely won’t freeze the milk.

Or my xtra sharp cheddar cheese.