At about 3 pm, after finding I was checking and double checking MSNBC to find out the results of the Kentucky Derby, I ran to mom’s house and turned on the telecast.  After seeing the horses come into the saddling barn, then the walking ring, riders mount and onto the track………and the usual singing of “My Old Kentucky Home” is completed, the horses warm up.  A few were quite rattled by the crowd, which amazingly was somewhere around 130.000.  LOTS of noise.  Clean break, except for one slight stumble.  The eventual winner Mine That Bird, a gelded son of Birdstone was shuffled back and was way out of it, until the far turn. 

Mine that Bird winning the 2009 Derby.  Photo Anne Eberhardt.

Calvin Borel, who is a wonderful character and even better rider,  stayed on the rail and guided the little brown horse through a mighty tight hole, and shot through and on to victory.  Calvin was thrilled and he is always so expressive.  He was in tears when the outrider that is wired to the telecast got to him.  He has achieved what very few do, he has now won the Kentucky Derby twice.  Two years ago on Street Sense, third last year and now the win today.  Both his parents have passed away, and after the photos of the horse in the winning enclosure, draped with the red roses over the horses shoulders, Calvin did this.  He took a rose out of the bouquet, broke off the stem.  He then kissed the rose and held it skyward, then as he tossed it heavenward, he mouthed “I love you” and then, once again turned his attention to the happy crowd.  He deserves the accolades, he is an excellent rider – even if he is as he puts it, just an old boy from Louisiana.  Good for you Calvin, you and the horse did good.  Now that you are tired of hearing about horseracing again, here is the last of it.  This horse came from New Mexico.  He was hauled there in a bumper pull trailer by his trainer, driving 21 hours there to Kentucky, and the trainer has a badly fractured leg.  Derby officials  actually took extra time to accommodate the trainer (waiting for him to do the presentation of trophies) that is held in the infield.  So the trainer hopped down there on his crutches and everyone was thrilled.  One of the best parts today ?  This gelding was bought for only $9500.  Less than ten grand.  He beat a lot of big money auction horses, like one for 2+ million, one for 3+ million, and my friend Wayne’s horse, that was bought for $700,000, and finished last.  Horray for the little guy !

A nicer day for racing was needed.  I really hadn’t intended to watch the race, but I love racing.  It is in my bones, and I will always hold a bit of hope in my heart that things will change and it will still exist in my son’s lifetime.