Some rain, some clouds low on the terrain.  Kona hides when it is wet like this.  She will sit in the snow and wait for me to come and feed her, but I won’t see her until it stops for a while.  She came for dinner last night and seemed a bit more steady on her feet.  She looked like her front leg was sore too.

Still looking for a good Hawaiian  name for the baby kitten.  Right now she is known as the Baby Belle…….which since I ended up having a kitten from last year who’s name is “Little Girl”, or once had a goat ,  he was called “Little Friend”………means I have to find a good name FAST or that name will stick.

Lots of odds and ends to finish up, have a lot of things pending and want to get to it.  However, we have an appointment in town, and that shoots the day as far as getting much done.  So, we will go to the appt, then WalMart and the market.  Someone sent around one of those “getting to know you” emails.  I particularly liked the question “where do you go time after time after time?” Easy for us, bank, gas station, WalMart and Safeway.  My friend who is a nurse at one of the prisons put down “gas station, prison, WalMart, Safeway” and for some reason it hit me so funny………..not so much right now though. Ha.  Readers, if you would post what part of the planet you are on, give that question an answer on the comments……..where do you go time after time ?

Safe travels Carol, we will brainstorm when you return.

Happy Friday !