Wild violets - another favorite

Wild violets - another favorite

On Susan’s blog, she is asking a question a day – favorite flower, favorite new song, kind of a universal “getting to know you” thing.  Her book Just Breathe is just out in paperback, and it is part of a giveaway she is doing. I just added her site “The View From Here” to my blogroll at the right.  Actually I think it is spurred on by wondering who is reading the blog, and getting them to post a comment.  I share that curiosity, looking at the Clustermap on the side bar here………lots of foreign hits.  Who reads this ?  Most interesting.

In this next month, it will sadly mark five years since my husband passed away.  Which in walking around the house today, meant that I lived here for almost two years with him, now five more without him.  Time is such an elusive thing.  A memory so sharp it feels like it just happened.  Then things like a persons voice which we lose in the recesses of our memories, and those voices are so hard to pull back.  Each year as that anniversary approaches, I begin what seems to be a cycle of nightmares – trying to save my husband from dying, and either failing, or just having him with us still.  At least I no longer wake up with the happy normal feeling only to have the horrible weight crush my chest again.  That thankfully stopped after six months or so.  Grief is such an odd thing.  When in the midst of it, we seem to fake our way along, and only in hindsight do we see how very badly we handled that portion of our lives.  I am still recovering and just take things one day at a time.   I must not be dead though, as the next paragraph will show……..

In the meanwhile, I got to go to town with mom, and she bought me lunch 🙂 Very nice and unexpected.  We had a car picnic and it was very nice and got my mind going in a different direction thankfully.  Then as we were on our way out, there was that Survivor contestant who lives here in our town, the “Coach” Ben Wade.  I think he must be bored with small town life, he  used to coach soccer, but was apparently let go while filming the Survivor show. He is the  conductor for the local symphony orchestra.  He also holds a world record for solo kayaking something like over 6100 miles.  Like I said, the poor fellow must be bored living here!  He would be more interesting if he were older, he is only 37 apparently.  Ick.  Too young ! I finally found a shot of him that is more dignified….the Survivor promo shot is one for Susan.  Ha !  and for those who are curious, he was dressed today as he is on the LEFT vbg !

So, it is the little things that make us “us” isn’t it ?  What flower we prefer, what type of sweets,  which pets we like or don’t ?  If we were all the same, how very boring life would be !  Enjoy the differences and give your family a hug !

Well, off to do such things as feed that loud sheep – who I need to take a pic of to show who I am complaining about……..