4-26-20093-09-04PM.png picture by MaryLOhio

Before the unveiling – credit unknown.

Last Saturday, at Churchill Downs, the new larger than life Barbaro statue was unveiled.  A most amazing work, it portrays Barbaro in midstretch in his brilliant Derby win.  There were a lot of Fans/Friends of Barbaro (FOB’s)  present and there are a lot of photos on the Alex Brown Racing board.  I don’t know who to credit, so just thank you to whoever took this and posted it for us all to enjoy.

4-26-20093-11-49PM.png picture by MaryLOhio





Absolutely beautiful. Flying.  All four feet off the ground (mounted on the rail)

5:15 am April 27, 2009 Photo by Dick Downey

Barbaro broke down in the Preakness stakes in June and was eventually euthanized due to lamanitis (also known as founder) in January.  What might have been, had he lived, had he not misstepped, so many what if’s.  He was one in a lifetime, a better horse I had never seen.  He knew no bounds, and now is forever free of pain.  His owners the Jacksons and Dr.Dean Richardson were in attendance and spoke of the remarkable horse that was Barbaro.  While there are several full brothers to this horse, lightning rarely strikes twice, and even with many eyes upon them, Nicanor, Lentanor and the baby this year from LaVille Rouge will forever be stamped “Barbaro’s brothers”.  Good luck to them all.