In the literal sense of course.  The kitten is a girl.  I was looking for a Hawaiian name for her.  I think that she is going to have to wait another day for official title.  The  more I look the more options there are.  On a great note, Kona has reappeared, seemingly to the normal routine outside.  She is outside the garage in the sun, washing and sunning herself.  She ate breakfast yesterday then disappeared.  The night was COLD, more ice in the birdbaths.  She must have been waiting for the sun to hit the front of the garage, as she was out there much earlier than usual.  Poor little cat.  She happily accepts food though, and I am so thankful she is still with us. 

I am very slow this morning, but thankful that my neck is behaving a bit better. Yesterday was the day of random numbness in both hands, and that gets bothersome to say the least !

I have a Barbaro post to do, will get it up later on today. 

Pretty morning, still may get some rain.