Six days old

Six days old

What a cute baby.  I moved her so I could straighten up the bedding for her and the nurse mom cat Belle.  I put her on this piece of fleece, and she curled up and went right on sleeping.  I will be figuring out a name for her pretty quickly.  They grow so fast…… babies I bottle raised last year are just a year old.  They are the funniest things.  They don’t behave like “normal” cats, they have never bitten or scratched, and pay close attention to me when I talk to them.  Good babies, even if they are a year old.

Got a lot of odds and ends done.  Hay got here and it is in the barn.  Such a nice feeling to have hay on hand……….can’t quite explain it.  Nice at any rate.

Lots of clouds today, does not feel like rain though.  We shall see.  When I was out and about, I saw Kona resting near the creekbed.  Tonight I brought her some food and water, and when I checked on her again, the food was gone and so was she.  She likes to sleep under a storage container at the neighbors, so I think that is where she has gone.  She didn’t appear until well after ten this morning, hours late 🙂

Off to bed, lots to do tomorrow !