Greetings.  The nurse cat Belle informed me she needed some “out” time from the baby.  So, she traipsed around the laundry room, and then began to call for the baby.  So, back into the crate she went, and they both settled into breakfast number six or whatever……..that baby is doing fine.  I think this is the girl kitten, mixed up the markings the other day when in the “OMG orphaned kittens ! panic”.  I will try and get a photo later on.  I keep the crate dim for the baby, so it takes some set up to do.

Will go and do some investigating at a nearby ranch with my friend.  She owned a mare, who was bred, then told the mare was not in foal.  She took her home, and the mare dropped weight, and my friend took her back to that ranch, and it turned out she was in foal.  Duh on everyone there, my friend included.  She has known these people all her life, and I believe she trusts them too much.  Now that same mare has appeared on a website from a horse broker – already having gone through the meat sale, some horses are hand picked to be resold to soft hearted folks, which is good. Jacking up the prices in not though…….and there is a mare listed that looks suspiciously like my friend’s old mare.  She no longer has any ownership interest in her, but it is the fact that it MAY be that mare………and she was not given the chance to keep her safe or find her a home that is rankling her.  I don’t blame her at all.  It is a nightmare I have lived and will to the day I die of losing a beloved horse to slaughter.  Never goes away.  At any rate, if she will go this morning, great.  Mom and I are working on her deck – bought a few ornamental grasses yesterday and those need to be planted.  I took over a double hook that goes in the ground, to hang bird feeders on.  It will be nice – especially since we are on the track for her back surgery in mid May.

Ah, Buttercup the pet sheep is bellowing, must be time for breakfast.

More later perhaps, enjoy the day !