Yesterday we began with rain.   Which turned into slush, clumpy wet blobs coating everything.  Which turned into snow briefly…….then rain.  Gave it 5 minutes, then the sun was brightly shining.  Then I went out to the post office, which is a mile away.  Ok, now there is ground fog in patches.  Black asphalt roadway, and brilliant white blowingground fog.  It took me several minutes to go across the main highway, which is a busy road…….I had to wait for the fog and the vehicles to clear.  It looked so odd – made me wish I carried my 35 mm camera. Oh well. So, no photos, so I can just tell you it looked very surreal.  Then it did the same rain, snow, hail sunshine for the remainder of the day.  Gak. I have had ENOUGH of this.  I went to build a fire in the woodstove, and discovered that in my happiness that winter was gone, so was my three buckets of kindling, and then when I turned to the wood rack, saw that I had brilliantly not restocked it either.  After piecing together a fire, finally got the house warmed up just in time for bed. Aghh.

So, this morning, I wake up to sunlight streaming through the window.  Obviously it did freeze for a while, my birdbaths were coated with a pane of ice, already melting off at 6:45 am.

On Kona watch, she has not reappeared yet.  She looked to be in rough shape, and while I put food out for her, I have no way of knowing if she is the one consuming it.  As for the two kittens, I put them on a surrogate milk bar kitty.  I named her Belle and she took the kittens right away.  Sadly, one was not right last night, could not seem to maintain her body temperature and had passed during the night.  Belle called me very directly this am when I went past the laundry room to make my coffee.  I found the baby and took her out.  The sibling looks fine so far, very cute.  White tabby with little black smudges on his face.  I think it is a boy, I will check later and try and get a photo of him.

Off to do chores and then to the open house at the place I buy hay.  They have a number of greenhouses and sell wonderful plants.  They are having free refreshments (homemade donuts ?) and I may have to try one.

Enjoy the day all !