Today is one of those times that I want to say “stop the world, I want to get OFF”  The last few days have been terribly stressful,  thought I lost Kona the wild cat,  found two orphaned kittens, borrowed a nurse cat from the shelter who took to them and is caring for them, bless her little heart !  I bottle raised kittens last year and while I would have done it again,  I am so thankful to this cat “Belle” who is being terrific with them.  Whew.  DOUBLE whew !!!!!!!

Home has been upsetting and emotionally draining.  Wish I could chalk it all up to my son being a teenager, but there is more to it with him, but I can’t go there now.  It derailed my brain and I have yet to care enough to  go find it.  I like doing this blog and feel remiss not to have updated yesterday ……..

Raining today, on and off.  Sheep is yakking and have to go get hay, didn’t get a delivery and need to figure that out.

Be glad for the things that make your heart sing, hug those you love and enjoy the day.  I am going to try really hard to do just that.