Ok, now it is late spring,  while last week it was late winter.  It will be eighty four degrees today.  There is just NO in between here………grrrr.  My big chickens are cruising the front yard, enjoying the fact that the lawn needs to be cut, and thus still has BUGS !  That is one thing, people have crabbed at me “oh chickens are messy,  bitch bitch bitch, how can you have them loose ?”  I tell you this.  Since these ladies have been loose during the day, no bugs.  Zero mosquitos on the house.  (My house is painted white for the most part, and apparently mosquitos like the warmth.)  No bugs !  No snakes either, between the ladies and the hawk.  Of course that may change, as we no longer have a “hawk” nest,  it is now the “owl” nest.  Oh !  I saw the baby owl !  I knew I was hearing it,  and yesterday when I was leaving, I could see the mom owl standing on the edge of the nest, and the baby,  who is light brown, was standing in front of her.  How nice to see this. 

Today I have a lot to do (as per usual I suppose) and better get to it.

Stay cool !