Like these.  At one point I had 23 full size violets.  Over time,  I gave most of them away and went back to work at the track.  Now I wish I had some of the ones I had gotten leaves from that belonged to my great Aunt Ruth.  She was a great African violet grower.  I think of her so often.  She was a lovely woman, never found fault with the odd things I did.  If she thought I was off on a tangent, she never said so.  We tried to have her live with us (us being me, my husband and two year old son) but it just was not set up well enough in that house.  She sadly went back to the Laguna Hills area,  and she kindly told me that her greatest regret then was that she no longer had a house – she wanted to be able to provide a home for me and my son.  At that point, I had FINALLY understood what alcohol addiction was – my husband was totally off the edge.  Her first husband apparently was too,  and she understood completely.  Never judged me,  never asked me why I stayed put.  (At that point, husband had no record of any public drunkeness or dui – I stayed because it was the only way I had to keep my son safe.  To divorce him would have meant shared custody,  and THAT was to have written my son’s life off – not happening.)  Took 4 more years for him to screw up to the point it was all documented, then I moved out with my son.  Eventually husband got sober and stayed that way.  How sad is that he overcame alcohol,  and had a clean liver biopsy, no cirrhosis…..only to accidentally poison himself two weeks after we all moved up here ?  Then he was ill for 2 years, and died of liver failure.  He would say it wasn’t Murphy’s law, it was Michael’s law.  Sadly, he was right on that.  Amazingly it will be five years in May since he passed.  **Shakes head**

Anyway, back to the violets.  I got my deep appreciation of them from Aunt Ruth.  I have a miniature violet plant on my kitchen sink, and somewhere I have a nice pot.  I even have planting mix for violets.  On the “to do” list………which is obviously longer than both my arms now. 

The weather today was beautiful.  Then clouds came in and thunder and lightning rumbled about.  No rain.  Nah, not today.  On the weather map for snow possibly Thurs/Friday.  Dont tell the lilacs.  They are all ahead full, and this will either kill them off for the fourth year, or we will slide by and they will bloom.  I hope for blooms.