In all the things I have to do,  now I have a new job too – informal of course.  My friend got me to meet her halfway to town, under the pretense of helping her.  Well,  that was true.  However it was for me to lend whatever expertise to her at an estate sale.  She wanted me to pick out some things to resell and split the profit from.  So, after my note yesterday about running out of sunscreen (thank God I took my hat !) we were in the sun, looking through the treasures that belonged to three generations, spread on tarps on the ground – boxes that had been in storage……and an old and I mean OLD outbuilding.  Circa 1880’s I would guess.   Best finds ?  A short squat oil lamp, was new in the box, with a white hobnail milkglass shade.  Two nice blue bowls, one Bauer ringbowl and one unmarked early blue bowl.  One is now mom’s, and the ring bowl my son asked for.  Like me, he loves old things.  Now I have two boxes of handmade crocheted things,  and one old very worn quilt .  I will photograph them and list them on eBay.  I will let you know when I get them up so you can take a look as well.

Another brilliant summer (er, spring) day…….may hit 80 degrees.

Later !