One thing about living here,  somewhat above the 4000 foot mark, is that we are closer to the sun.  I have had people scoff at me about this,  but I know this makes a big difference vs living at sea level, where I grew up.   The sun is brighter,  anything left outside fades or disappears quicker.  There is a clarity here when the weather allows that makes things so sharp that it actually hurts the eyes.  It contributes to the weatherworn look that the desert inspires.  In the summer you can get burned in half an hour if you aren’t wearing sunblock.  I know that in the almost 7 years we have been here, between stress and the sun,  my skin is well on it’s way to being junk.  Since skin cancer is in our family,  extra care MUST be taken.  I found this morning that my sun block that I have used up, grabbed the bottle next to it, and duh, it is all but empty.  So, on the next payday, off to WalMart  to buy  another bottle of it…..and I will have to take great care in the meanwhile.  Hate it when that happens……….I have been awake early for the past several mornings.  Doing that dreadful over thinking of things.  As my friend would say I woke up at ” ‘o dark thirty”  Yep.  Why ?  Who knows – more time to fret and rehash things that are out of order.   Yesterday I spent time writing and since I don’t have an office,  and my computer is in the dining room,  I don’t really have a wall to put my storyline up on…..I got gong on a bent and finally thought I needed to stop and check where I was.  Not bad,  just was beginning to flesh out a point that I had already begun earlier.  Duh was the word yesterday. 

My friend Carol went to the writers conference and absorbed lots of new information.  I am so glad you got to go Carol – we will all see you in the summer if not sooner !

Better get to chores,  for once the sheep Buttercup is not hollering at the house.  Oh, wait, it is early.  I think she will start soon………as that is a sheep’s nature.  They are the funniest things.

Going to have to cut my fingernails down I suppose.  When they get long like this I then think about putting on a set of acrylics – you know, the kind that you can go to the nail salon and for fifty bucks have someone ELSE do it and paint them too ? (NO NOT PRESS AND STICK ! )   I have my set up here,  clear powder, white powder, pink powder, disinfectant, primer brushes etc etc etc.  I can do a whole set in about an hour, which is the same as when a “professional” does it.  I think it has been several years since I have had them on.  I like it because I can do it with them the thickness I like,  and then I have “armor plated nails”.  Plus I have several newer bottles of obnoxious hot pink polish……….besides, aside from mom and my son,  and an occasional shopping trip, only my horses and chickens see them !

Day of rest ?  Not usually…………