Truth in advertising.  Ha.  Here is a link to an MSNBC article on the sweetener Stevia.  Touted as “all natural”,  what it is , is a plant BASED extract, chemically altered.  Altered.  I love this paragraph from their article…………

“While nothings been proved as far as cancer risks, there’s a more immediate catch when it comes to stevia. Critics wonder whether it may also stoke hunger, just like other artificial sweeteners.

Studies indicate that consuming something with a sweet taste primes the body for a calorie delivery that doesn’t happen. As a result eaters seek more sweets to satisfy the body’s cravings. Recent research also found that sucralose may alter people’s gut bugs in ways that promote weight gain.”

I believe firmly in this phrase…….if it didn’t grow 100 years ago, it is not food !  I have my health back, thanks to no processed foods and getting away (like barely, like it almost got me) from Aspartame toxicity.

On that note,  another beautiful day,  travel safe friend, and enjoy that conference !  I expect a full report VBG !

Gotta run, Buttercup the sheep is calling for breakfast !

Enjoy the day, wherever you are and whatever you do !