Life is going zig zag once again.  An opportunity has  come up, but not for sure.  It will involve driving an hour to the airport, leaving the trusty truck in the long term parking lot and getting on a commercial airliner.  🙂  Or not.

So while we wait for the God’s (er, registrar)  to decide if there is room for me at the Writers Conference,  I shall go feed the few goats and horses here.  Chickens too.  Top off the big feeder and waters.  And check the phone message machine and email again. 

And if this doesn’t work out, that is fine too.  I know that things happen for a reason,  even if it is to show how kind others are in offering things to another for a common goal.  **Smiles**  More learning is always good,  but the chance to see human nature at work – priceless.  No way to put a value on that.

Have to find time to get to town for a few last minute things,  make sure there is food here for my son and I know my mom is in good order already.  Whew.

We shall see, and I will post the outcome a bit later on.

Enjoy the day, it was well below freezing again, but brilliant blue sky !