turns out to be not what we need.  I wanted to go to the writers conference,  but it didn’t work out.  Now,  instead of brainstorming on books with my friend,  I will be enjoying the beautiful weather here at home.  Today I even spent a bit of time pruning the deadwood off my lilac trees.  They are busily  making their leaves and blossoms and perhaps we shall have beauty in the yard once again.  And I shall sleep with my windows open to enjoy the fragrance for as long as it lasts.  I truly hope so.  I have missed these trees blooming the last 3 years and I am ready to welcome them this year.

I am reminded each day of how precious our time together is.  While I was first elated that I was going to Seattle,  then unsure,  then just sad once it became clear that it was not going to work out –  I am so blessed to have family and friends who I can enjoy and laugh with.  So, today mom and I shopped,  planned our Saturday night dinner.  Enjoyed the warm day and watched the sun play on the new grass on my way back to my house from moms.  Listened to the odd gurgling hooting sounds coming from the owl nest above……what I think is baby owl sounds.

Life is good,  sometimes we just have to remember just HOW good 🙂

Enjoy the evening, I will !