Since we are supposed to be getting snow beginning tomorrow,  I am really hoping that there are places in the world that it really IS spring ?  I hope so.  I keep flashing on the photos I took of the lilacs last year on April 15th.  Then it snowed and froze and that was year 3 of no lilacs blooming.  Aghhh !

The premature foal is doing well,  and is gaining weight.  Looking better and better.  We need to see some good in this rescue business,  and knowing that he is improving helps.  As for our place tonight, I have finished battening down the hatches or more correctly, making sure the coop does not fly away in the horrid wind we are to have tomorrow as a precursor to the storm.   Ha, it is usually something else flying the coop……..ha.  Tired obviously.

Stay warm and I will hope to be posting something witty tomorrow.

Night !