Which I was today, a bit earlier than normal.  Now what is that saying ? “Early to rise,  will make a man healthy, wealthy and wise” ?  Hmmmm.  Since I am already known as being pretty much of a wise a$$,  and I have totally redone my life to be as healthy as I can,  that leaves wealthy.  Ok, I am waiting VBG  !  Ha,  there is so much that people take for granted.  There are some things we can change.  Health – lifestyle (i.e. stress) activity.  Eating right.  Watch the natural sugars, salts.  Less or no meat.  No hydrogenated fats.  Why eat plastic ?  Did you know that as a chemical, that margarine is only one molecule from plastic ?  Since I was born, raised and had lived in the mecca of smog for 30 years.  I highly doubt that I need to ingest more crap.  Especially under the guise of being “food”.  Does everyone who reads this blog understand that artificial sweeteners , especially Aspartame will eventually kill you ?  That is of course after it makes you so sick you wish you were already in a big hole.  I know, because it happened to me.  My friend Sheryl tried to warn me, but I was too smart !!!!  In short,  I drank diet Coke from the time it came out.  I think I was in junior high school.  Lunch of choice then ?  diet Coke and a chocolate bar.  Brilliant I know.  Fast forward 30 years.  In looking for similarities between lupus and rheumatoid arthritis (which I have),  I came across a study.  A number of studies actually.  Pinpointing the direct link between people who drank diet drinks and their spiraling down the tubes health problems and sometimes death.  People were not made to use artificial things.  Our bodies get rid of what it can,  but in increasing numbers folks begin to store the stuff.  Once our cells get saturated with it,  we begin to show symptoms of BAD THINGS.  Multiple sclerosis.  R/A gets horrific (as if it in it’s normal state isn’t bad enough) At the peak of my toxic saturation,  my sight was failing, so was my hearing.  I was so weak that it took me two days to do chores.  I had to rest after each chore I did,  and OMG was I SLOW !  I could not think,  could not make decisions.  Long list of woes…….but it was THE WARNING> I was dying.  This was during the almost 2 years my husband was so sick and then after he passed…….My hands have R/A knots on them that are really bothersome.  I don’t care that they look bad,  it is that they have to WORK still……..like type !!!!! You know ???  They MUST WORK !  After all,  I have to be able to put my thoughts and stories down and this is the best way ! 

The second I read those studies,  I knew what was wrong with me.  I never drank another sip of diet drink.  I don’t eat anything with artificial sweetener in it either.   It only took a couple of days  and I began to feel better.  It has now been several years,  and while I have to supplement my thyroid, which got burned out from trying to keep my body on an even keel – I feel better than I have in many years.

So, please watch what you put into your bodies.  Oh, the studies also found that people who use artificial sweeteners also gain on the average of 10 pounds of fat a year.  The reason ?  The artificial sweetener makes our bodies crave the real stuff – sugars !  So, drink a diet soda,  look for some carbs.  Never put that together before ………….drink water !  And not some water with that flavoring that is full of artificial sweetener and food dyes !

Another gorgeous day on the way,  snow tomorrow , but hey, it is beautiful today !

Enjoy your day !