Spring ?  Perhaps – at least that is what the calendar is saying.  Here is what the lilac trees currently look like………

Lilacs haltingly leafing and budding

Lilacs haltingly leafing and budding

It was below freezing again.  My birdbaths outside under the lilac trees are once again frozen solid.  Actually is is not normal to look outside and see liquid water and not ice………we really seem to have two seasons here as a standard.  Winter (which includes early winter and late winter)  Summer (which included weak summer,  sometimes mistaken as spring,  and late last gasp summer,  where if we are lucky the leaves turn beautiful colors,  and if we aren’t lucky,  they turn brown and fall off all at once).  Stupid weather.

In the general scheme of things,  life is plodding along alright.  Didn’t get the mustang sold,  so can’t go to the ultra cool – information packed Writers Conference in the Seattle area this next week.  **sniff sniff**  Oh well.  My friend Carol is on a wonderful family jaunt this weekend, and my email is so quiet without her chiming in and commenting on my blog…….miss you Carol !  Hope you are having a fantastic time.  The weather seems to be cooperating, so you can get some good shots of the desert sunrises and sunsets perhaps ?

Making bread today,  having spaghetti dinner at Mom’s house tonight. 

We are so lucky to be able to get up each day, to look at the sunrise, hear the chickens clucking to each other……..an occasional neigh or bahh.  Very quiet here especially on a holiday weekend.  The semi trucks don’t go by at all, all the drivers seem to stop and take some time too.  Likely because their destinations are closed for accepting deliveries on holidays 🙂  Whatever the reason, I appreciate the quietness of the road as well.  Soon,  the summer travelers will be on the move.  I have already seen some of them,  the huge land yachts towing Lexus or tiny Mercedes Benz…….the monied traveling clans.  Good for them.  I don’t begrudge anyone their lifestyle,  I just always hope they appreciate being able to open their eyes each day, breathe in the clean country air as they travel through the area.  Hug your family near and thank the heavens for the opportunities we have each day to do something new, be able to make a difference for someone else and to enjoy the day.