Here he is. The report from NorCal is that he is doing well, here is the photo that was taken yesterday in his special stall at the vet clinic that he is living in with his dam.



The vet reports “Honey is in love with her baby. The foal is doing very well, there are two heat lamps in his stall. He has had his second day of antibiotics and the IGG will be ready in the morning. Temperature is normal, and he has been eating well throughout the night and day.” Everyone is  thrilled he is doing so well. He is still extremely fragile, but everything is looking good. His stall is deeply bedded with clean shavings so when he lays down there will not be any pressure points on his tender skin.

Here is the link to a video of him being a foal on YouTube.

Everyone enjoy the day and if you are traveling (as I know SOMEONE who is, travel safe !)