Some young friends of mine have made a good go of starting and really doing a rescue right.  One mare,  who they had wanted to send here but I passed on – has been apparently ready to foal for several weeks.  Yesterday early  she foaled, and they were greeted by a tiny colt.  He weighs 30 pounds.  A normal term foal will weigh 100 pounds plus.  Yikes !   The first thing I thought was that she is carrying twins and  slipped one  (aborted, but a live birth !) and that number 2 is still on board waiting to be baked long enough.  This colt is 20 – 30 days premature but may have a chance.  He is now with his momma at the vets clinic.  Here is the link to their blog.

Best wishes and prayers to the new family.  I am anxious to know when they check the mare if there is another baby on board still.  While uncommon with horses  to twin at all, there have been cases recorded of just this sort of  thing happening.  Good luck to them all !