Seems that the storm of last night passed us by.  Good.  I was almost afraid to look outside.   Hope it stays north or wherever it is going.  Just keep the below freezing rain and snow away from the lilacs ! 

The new miniature horse is an intact stallion and he is mad that the pony mares I have won’t listen to him through two fence lines.  Thus, he walks.  And walks.  No lack of exercise there.  Up and down the fenceline…….chatting the whole time it seems.  I will take the camera out and take a photo or two of him this am.  Cute !

To town today, have a few errands.  Caught up from being gone so much – my friends horse at last report is doing better, but still not drinking on his own.  They were going to hang more fluids for him last night if he was dehydrated at evening check up. 

I had a hay delivery yesterday afternoon, and that is always a cause for celebration ! Nothing makes me happier for daily living than having a barn with hay in it !  Having spent years driving and fetching hay,  it is a blessing to have a barn that has hay in it when I want it !  We used to feed so much hay out when our rescue was in full swing,  there was no reason to even try and put it in a barn…..or tarp it for that matter !  I take that back,  we did tarp the truckload that we got one September –  23 tons, 7 very tall stacks.  It was gone by March.  To think of the number of tons I have personally moved and fed out, no wonder my body is showing wear and tear !  Gak !  Now we have few critters and I could not be happier.  I am adding a link to a story about a poor filly that was subjected to an idiot owner and nearly died.  She has recovered and is a beautiful girl.  Personally,  I think that anyone who abuses animals should just have the same done to them.  Eye for an eye you know ?

Here is the link  to see Whisper and her recovery, this is a rescue that saves horses in the Seattle WA area.

Mom’s sheep is calling to the house,  so I better get a move on……..