The white miniature horse

The white miniature horse

This is the little fellow I brought home yesterday.  Since we have been planning to move,  we pretty much had totally closed our doors to bringing in any more rescue horses.  However since this fellow was my friends,  and since the colic incident,  I just had to bring him home.  Hey, he does not eat much, right ?  ……………..right. 

 His background is that he belonged to a family,  and when there was grass in the paddock area, he was fine.  Winter came and grass disappeared.  The teenager was “responsible” for feeding this boy and three standard sized goats…..all together.  Goats will be protective of feed, and when the teenager began to forget to feed them,  the horse got tough.  One goat had already died of starvation, and the other two were not far behind.  My friend got word that the people were looking to sell this horse.  She went and looked at him and afterwards called me just stricken.  Her first words were “HOW DOES SOMEONE STARVE A MINI ????”   OMG………..she convinced the dad to give the mini to her.  He didn’t quibble and the horse went home with her that afternoon.  I went the next day to look at him,  because she wanted me to look at him and see if I thought he was as thin as she thought he was.  She literally didn’t believe herself……..I went, and after a rather sickening hands on assessment, agreed with her.  I have never seen a mini starved,  and he was pathetic.  Still an  ungelded boy,  he should have at least some spunk…….and he was so very weak, he managed a little “hello” neigh to her big horses and dove into the  hay she had.  That was back in late January.  Since then, he was able to eat, and eat and eat, now he is on a diet.  With the help of the big pig of a horse my friend has,  they dug around and apparently uncovered some bad moldy hay or grass.  It is what the vet concluded started the colic on both of them.  Our new boy is doing well,  settled in and is happily conversing with the pony  mares on the other side of the fenceline.  I do not breed,  there are too many horses born each year that will end up in the slaughter pipeline  already,  and plus  there are ponies for free everywhere.    I already have a harness that is the right size.  So, on the wish list goes  a miniature cart so we can drive  around 🙂

Right now he looks kind of yak like,  the hair is inches long and he is blowing his coat now……..I have a blanket for him, which he will wear if the temps go down like they have been below freezing.  Just so cute.

Haircut ?  Me ?  Not now, I am eating !

Haircut ? Me ? Not now, I am eating !

Snow on the mountains,  but it hasn’t managed to get down here – yet !