There are times we seem to take our health for granted……and that of our family…….and our pets:  it is always somewhat of a surprise when a big pet (ie a horse) gets a bellyache.  Horses are not like us,  and they can’t tell us where they hurt, or what they were doing or what they happened to eat before this bellyache or colic attack commenced.  While I am not a vet,  I am trained as a  vet tech.  I am trained as an Emergency Medical Technician.  With luck,  I can keep you breathing or make you start again  if you are in a wreck,  or fixate your femur if you break it (common car wreck injury, pushing on that BRAKE….so you don’t bleed to death and can get tot he hospital to be repaired)  Bleeding ? No problem usually.  Package ’em  up and get ’em to the hospital, great.   I can care for people fairly well ( family training in congestive heart failure and liver failure)  Hands on stuff.  Medical things intrigue me and I really like it.  So, when we have a horse with a problem,  we call the vet and learn.   My friends horse eats like a pig – literally.  He has eaten tree branches, like 2 inch diameter.  All the leaves of course.  He ate a whole bag of pine shavings that had been destined for bedding…….he ate half a pickup load of woodchips.  And not so much as a burp thank you very much.  However,  last night it caught up with him.  I think it is the grain hay he has been eating since last June – there are things that change within grain that make bad things happen – and he coliced.  Vet call at 9 pm on a Sunday night (just fyi, horses NEVER get sick Monday-Friday 8 – 5, just like husbands and children)…… was COLD waiting for hours for the arrival of the vet.  But we stayed in good enough humor, and later she said she had talked herself into thinking that the horse was really ok, and that she was being silly by calling the vet. 

Not.  The horse was in a bad way.

After tranquilizing,  palpating, tubing the horse,  leaving my friend with  strict instructions on how to give the horse  5 minutes of eating per hour for the next 3 hours…….then to moniter him closely, watching for all the normal bodily functions to get back in gear……….he was the same this morning.  He would not eat nor drink.  Oh and for added excitement the miniature horse was colicing as well.  The vet has come and gone and now that the mini is treated and better, and the big horse is on his way to the vet clinic for IV fluids,  I am at home 🙂  Trying to catch up on chores,  chickens,  still loading the horse trailer for the dump run tomorrow.  You see, my friend is DONE with critters, and she finally decided to give me the mini.  Poor boy.  He is very sweet though, and mom liked him too.  We will go to the dump tomorrow and then go and pick him up and bring him home.  He had gas colic, not the deadlier impaction colic, so his prognosis is good.  I asked her not to feed him any of that hay……and so I hope he is good to come home here tomorrow.  He is white with a few black spots,  and is a tiny fellow, like my little mini stallion.  They both may mature to 28 inches at the withers……..we shall see.  Toby is a cutie too.  All the minis and ponies look like miniature yaks now, SO MUCH HAIR !!  If horses lived in the house (ie cats), WE would live outside.  I should gather his hair too.  I am gathering up mom’s long haired cats hair, and once I shear the sheep and pygora goats along with the cat hair (and perhaps the minis) I will have it carded and spun.  Nothing like home grown wool ! VBG !! I love sheep wool, and this will make an interesting variation I think !  Now if I only could knit worth beans…………mom is going to give me lessons once we get caught up 🙂  Will we ever get there ?  I hope so.  Another beautiful day, but the vet assured me that it is supposed to storm Tuesday through Saturday. Hmmm.  We will just enjoy today and plan for the mini’s arrival tomorrow.

Enjoy what is left of the day !