Sparrow nest

Sparrow nest

Yesterday, for the first time since we have lived here,  I saw a nest in the goat barn in front.  I am unsure what it building there…..but the goats are finding it interesting as the birds, whoever they are, apparently drop dry strands of grass on occasion.  Often enough that the goats sit down and sometimes gaze up at the nest.  Hmmm. 

I began mentally making a list of the different birds that are here now. Beginning with my all time favorites……… House Sparrows !  There are house finches,  white crown sparrows, robins,  killdeer (terrible name, cute sandpiper like bird), meadowlarks,  crows, seagulls (yes, here in the high desert but there are several huge lakes nearby – oh yes, that and the meticulously maintained dump :)).  Ravens,  pigeons,  mourning doves,  pheasants,  an occasional roadrunner.   LOTS of  starlings,  red wing black birds,   Brewer’s Blackbirds,  scrub jays – Stellar Jays are nearby too.  Loads of tiny birds, some wrens, other finches and at times we see black hooded junkos.  Bluebirds too.   Being near a lake, albeit an usually dry lake,  there are Canada geese,  herons,  and huge flocks of snow  geese.  There are red headed woodpeckers, red tailed hawks and vultures.  Of course  there are great horned owls (hoot who who whoot whoot hoo hoo – you know) a pair which are nesting in what was the red tailed hawks nest above our house in an old tree.  It took a lot of getting used to the owl’s conversations,  but now I don’t hear them as much,  and it kind of a calming sound.  I also have found they serve as an early alarm system to the chickens because when the ladies are out foraging,  if the owl’s exclaim HOOT they look to the sky and run for cover.  Apparently it is typical owl protocol to HOOT to any approaching birds that they are entering owl air (and tree/nest) space.  Whatever they say,  any birds veer off and don’t fly closeby.

I have been watching a pair of  of house sparrows gather dry grasses for their nest.  They can carry such  long piece of grass,  it is funny to see them navigate getting into the air.  I have feeders for them in the lilac trees outside the kitchen windows.  Always enjoyable.

Enjoy the day !