Every day I see things with animals that just make me smile.  Or laugh.  Their simple and sometimes complex ways of dealing with life or their companions is always entertaining.   The last couple of days have been a bit different in routine.  Animals (and my family VBG) don’t  do change in routine very well.  Since Mom was having her Bunko bunch here on Thursday night,  I decided to feed my three horses on the far side of what was my dairy goat enclosure…..mainly to give them a fence to stop the alfalfa from blowing away immediately – so they had half a chance to eat SOME of it before it landed half a mile away.  We were having constant wind, and it makes feeding a challenge, but not nearly as tough as eating the stuff must be !  So, I called them,  the old Quarter Horse gelding Thunder came happily and began eating.  The two Thoroughbreds stayed on the far side where I usually feed them – pacing back and forth, occasionally calling to me (or perhaps Thunder).  Then they both finally got it and came running at top speed,  acting like they were on the track once again.  Duh !  Run from flake of alfalfa to flake of alfalfa………back and forth.  Neighing and running around like they had left their brains on the other side of the property.  Ok, so off I go,  to feed the mustang in front……….I just get over to that side, and I hear the thunder of hooves………and terribly excited neighing………DUH !!!!!!!  My brilliant Thoroughbreds run back.  Note, they are running away from their food they already have been served.  Aghhh !  So they proceed to run around and finally stand there with their back ends in the wind, obviously waiting for me to feed them.  ldiots !  So, into the other enclosure I go again,  and I break a flake in half and put it at the corner near the fenceline,  (you know, so they can SEE Thunder eating from the FOUR flakes already out there).  They gladly attack the hay, and eventually they are all three eating where I originally fed them………Thoroughbreds, gottta love ’em though.  Silly things.

Goats, sheep and chickens seem to have the same sort of mindset.  Feed them where they are fed every day or they go crazy.  They also do the run from flake to flake (or in chicken’s case – from  treat pile to treat pile)  looking for the elusive BEST treat.   Best bite of hay.   Even if it is all absolutely the same.

To be so simple and so satisfied looks to be as hard for them to attain as us humans in our diverse lives.  I think that the smart ones of us all just strive for happiness, a full belly and a roof over our heads.  The geegaws of prosperity are out of most folks grasp nowadays and it seems to be re-grounding some of us.  Yesterday we went into our towns little dollar store.  There were many more people shopping in there, and the food item aisle was bare in places.  People are making their dollars stretch,  and I for one look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel not being a train.

There is that train again !

There is that train again !

Bright blue skies here and at least for now, no wind !  Whoo hooo !  Off to do chores,  have a nice day everyone !