Tweeting a bit too much information ?
Tweeting a bit too much information ?

 I have lived long enough,  that I like to think that I  can recognize danger where it lurks…… this case,  there is a new way to get close to celebrities……..the Twitter craze.  It is making ME crazy,  worrying that some of these “Tweets” are too specific.  I lived in the San Fernando Valley for 30 years.  I worked at NBC for a bit filling in doing continuity for a daytime drama.   I ran a business that catered to celebrity clientele.  One of my  friends was the personal assistant to a high profile singer.   I know the business,  and the obvious dangers of over zealous fans.  So,  having signed up for a Twitter account,  and looking in at one gal’s  Twitter activity,  it made my hair stand on end.  Her “followers” have increased from I think 400 when I first looked to over 2000 now.  She has young children,  and seems to be a well adjusted celeb – much less guarded than some I have known .  However,  knowing the area in LA as I do,  when a real time post is Tweeted that she was at Farmers Market,  then at another local recognizable place…….I began having flashbacks to the stalker who killed the actress Rebecca Schaeffer in 1989.   Schaeffer was on a television show My Sister Sam with Pam Dawber.  That crazy got her address from DMV through a private investigator.  (There are now laws specific to protecting addresses).   Then he went to her home, and shot her dead in her own doorway.  The Twitter is fun, no doubt.  But it seems  like electronic stalking in a way……….I have sent the link to this blog  to a couple of gals who I know are intelligent,  I don’t know them personally,  but thought I would blog on it and hope it may turn a bit of attention to this.   In watching the Twittering this week, there is just some cause for concern.  I am not a paranoid person,  I just grew up in LA, and we all know how that goes !

Be safe girls. 

Be non-specific please.

Tell us fun things about your co-stars or your newest television appearances.

Tell us what “famous” people you have met in the course of your day.

But please don’t tell us WHERE you are……..unless you are in the safety of the studio of course.  Or in your non-specific home.  Or car.

I know that common sense goes a long way towards safety,  and I only wish you all the best.  High profile jobs attract unwanted attention,  and I am sure you both have been on the receiving end of it.  People can become TOO interested and no one needs that.

Enjoy your Tweeting but be careful out there !

Regards from the high desert of Northeastern California,

Night !