The view from my window

The view from my window

April 1st was always a day to enjoy when my dad was alive.  He was the biggest jokester,  much to my poor mom’s consternation……..I woke up and realized this was “his” day and smiled.  I have been buzzing around since six and looked out to see that the peaks were pink with reflected color from the sunrise.  Of course, the light here changes so quickly I missed the pink hue to the snow…….and that was  just grabbing the camera – jump into boots (still in my pajamas), running out the door, across the yard and the bridge- the shot didn’t have the pink I first saw out the window.  Oh well.  The winds I have been complaining about bank off this lovely peak and come down the mountain into the house.   No wonder it is cold !  I really should not complain at all,  we have been here almost 7 years now,  and we have really only had one horrible winter.  I suppose a lot of it is that I was grown up in the rainy winter zone,  and the place we lived before we moved here was just rain………heat and rain……..actually before here, it was always just heat and rain.  Got good at trenching my horses areas so they didn’t  have to stand in mud.  Hmm.  Of course once we move,  the Seattle area is well known for having a lot of precipitation VBG………but I can plan for that and know it is there all the time.  I have a number of friends who live there and I have a whole bunch of tips from their experience in living with horses in mud. 

Few more errands today,  have to get moving.

Oh !  Melissa (her blog link is on the right under blogroll, The Garden of Pink Shadows)  is reopening her Etsy shop today……..she does gorgeous things.   If you go to this link,  you can see a bit of what she does and what is for sale.

Enjoy the day all !