Ok, on the blog earlier,  I managed to thank my friend Carol for instructing me on adding to the blogroll on the side of the blog.  Told whose sites  I added and what they did.  I owe a big apology to Carol !!!!!!!!!  While I added her link, I gave her no proper introduction !  She is the creative force behind the blog  “From The Coastland”    Here is her blog address again.  Carol is a fellow writer, nature lover and photographer and good friend.   Take a look at her blog, you will be glad you did ! 


Today turned into a town day,  which involves the usual trek 13 miles in,  to the usual places (grocery store,  Walmart) and home again.   The horrid cold wind was blowing most of the day,  especially tonight.  We are on the weather map for perhaps snow on Thursday.  Oh goodie.  NOT !

Have a nice warm evening where you are !