A gal I know sent a note out to a lot of her friends asking this……..

 “White Why is it that embarrassing moments replay over and over in your head… No matter what you do to distract yourself ?”

I told her it is because we are human and not perfect 🙂  I know that there are  things that come to mind in my life that were those moments.  I still cringe, so I don’t think that means I am anywhere near getting past it actually occurring.  Now, this happened  25 years ago……..I was  driving past an auto dealership on the way home from work.  You know those big marquee signs ?  Well it said  “Bill Johnson wins Gold medal ! ”  I went on to a cycling meeting, where we were all going to watch the Winter Olympics……..I said “I saw a sign at XXX Motors saying Bill Johnson Wins Gold medal ! ”  OMG ……  Not realizing of course that the broadcast was tape delayed, and that  medal had been awarded that day while we were all at work……..way to go girl.  Duh, sorry folks, I didn’t know people had already gotten results………Sigh.  That one still smarts.  To have a whole room full of people turn and look at you like that…….agh !

Cold again, and still quibbling with the wood stove.  The wood I have burns a long time, but right now I am in a bit of it that is difficult to convince it has to keep burning.

Thanks to my friend Carol,  I have added a few links to my blogroll at the side of my blog.  One is Marie Bostwick, a talented writer.  One is Melissa McCobb Hubbell, a very gifted all media artist and photographer.  Thank you Carol !  See, you are not computer challenged,  you are one up on me today !

Stay warm everyone ! Might be a go to town day……..